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Physical and Mental Benefits of Hiking

Allen Fitzsimmons

Based in Belchertown, Massachusetts, Allen Fitzsimmons is CEO of Transitioning Forward, a service that helps clients inventory, appraise, and sell assets. In his free time, Allen Fitzsimmons enjoys hiking and cycling.

Hiking is good for the body and the mind. Research has shown that spending time in the outdoors is a great way to get energized and can help people feel more alive.

There are many other scientifically proven benefits of hiking. For example, scientists found that hikers benefitted from improved short-term memory. They divided people into two groups and had half walk through an arboretum and the other half walk down a street. Those who spent time in nature did 20 percent better on a memory test than their counterparts.
Researchers found that stressed college students who spent two nights in the forest experienced a decrease in their levels of cortisol, and hormone that serves as an indicator of stress. Hiking also has been connected to improved concentration, better vision, and sharper thinking.

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